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Thursday, April 4, 2013


My lady, my elder son and I were talking about "meaning", as in the meaning of life or finding meaning to life.  My son sees meaning and purpose to his life.  Yet my lady and I struggle to see them in ours.  Our parents have died; friends have died; and our favourite little dog, which we both adored, died a few weeks ago.  We are both very conscious that our lives might end too, any time.  Life seems to be just a long slog, paying off debts, working at jobs which we don't like (though I like mine more than my lady likes hers); struggling with ill health.  And so boringly on.

I used to wonder why old ppl appeared so grumpy.  Now I know!

And yet .... I do get meaning from simple things: my garden, books, music, the love of my family.  I can't drink any more (it gives me gout,  don't dare laugh, gout is agonizing) and that was a comfort to me.   It helped take the edge off things.

So ... I count my blessings.  Every day.  And sometimes it helps.  And sometimes it doesn't.

Today it helped.  Tomorrow ... who knows?  As the Bible says, sufficient unto the day the evil thereof.

Onwards and upwards.

Môre is nog 'n dag.  Tomorrow is another day!

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