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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summer evening tale

It's been a warm day, and the air is still balmy. You've been watching him all day, in and out of the water. His white shorts a pale flash across a tanned body.  They're almost transparent when wet.  He's wearing nothing underneath.  He's beautiful, and you aren't.

Most visitors have left the beach.  It's just you and him.  He's moved closer to you, over the day.  Is he .... does he .... ?  You don't know.  Too shy to make the first move.

He flicks his hair, like a dog, after his swim.  A drop hits you and you jump without meaning to.

"Oh, sorry!" he says.  His smile is warm.  Genuine.  Lights up his whole face, the white teeth bright against his tan.

"No worries," you say.  He fetches his towel and spreads it out next to yours, and lies down.  Your gaze is drawn to his groin, to the thickening among the crumpled folds of his shorts.

He sees your glance, and grins.

You feel yourself colour.

"You feel like a beer?" he asks.


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