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Saturday, August 24, 2013


Last Friday, just before I went into the swimming baths to have my swim I was suddenly, intensely, inexplicably happy.  The years of regret for lost love, the betrayal and indifference of so-called friends:  all seemed irrelevant.  I was filled with joy.

When I came out from the baths, I was much less joyful.  I'd done something to my knee.  No idea what but I could barely walk.  Only, of course, I had to walk.  From the car to the station.  Along an endless platform at Southern Cross station.  From the station to the office.  And then, to crown it all, on Thursday and Friday, I had to go on business to Sydney.  And you know how much walking there is in airports.  Kilometre-long passageways, aerobridges, queues for taxis ....

So this morning, Saturday in Oz, I'm assembling all my threadbare philosophy to be joyful again.  And later on, I'm off to the chemist (pharmacist to Americans) to rent a walking stick.

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