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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Health Update

Four or five weeks ago I "did" my knee.   I used to run long distances and as I posted here, my running shoes definitely damaged my knees.  That attempt to start running again failed.  Which is pretty sad, because I adore running.  Anyway, running and even walking being impossible, I decided to swim instead.  Don't much like swimming but ... what can you do?  I have to exercise.

But I did my knee at a swim session!  Maybe it was the bouncing around while I was trying to get water out of my ears.  Maybe it was ....  Who knows?

Anyway, a long a tedious program of tests and doctors' visits started.  X-rays.  Ultrasound.  MRI.  And it all culminated in a visit to the knee surgeon on Tuesday.  I had hoped that an arthroscopy would be enough to fix things.  But it was not to be.  I have lost virtually all the cartilage in my right knee.

He suggested three treatment options.

First, glucosamine.  In about 30% of cases it helps, he said (he's a professor at the University of Melbourne and also head of the Royal Melbourne Hospital orthopaedics unit)  It has certainly helped me, even though the Wikipedia article doubts its effectiveness.  My pain (which is often severe) has been greatly reduced.  I'm taking a vegetarian glucosamine (I am a vegetarian).

Second, weight loss.  Losing 25 kgs (55 lbs) is often as effective a treatment as knee replacement.  I've started!

Third, knee replacement therapy.  He says I'm young for that, LOL.  It lasts 15 years or so and then you need to do it again.  I want to postpone that extreme solution as long as possible.

I walk with a stick, which is uncommonly tiresome, and the pain depresses me.  But as ever, I hope for better days!  I am losing weight (1.9 kgs/4.2 lbs since Wednesday); glucosamine does seem to help; and I intend to start swimming again this coming week.

As ever, onwards and upwards.

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