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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Happy list

Each day I make a list of things to be happy about.  It's a little technique I've found which helps when I'm down.

Here's today's list:


The perfect little white daisies (bellis perennis, I think) are thickly sprinkled on the lawn, startlingly white against the spring green.  The annual gousblom (arctotis) is everywhere, the little flower heads turned and turning towards the sun.  The pin oak (quercus palustris) is budding as is the nyssa and the copper beech (fagus sylvatica purpurea) has its wonderful copper/bronze buds.  Such beautiful trees.

White Bellis Perennis growing in a meadow

My knee is getting a little bit less sore.  And I'm slowly losing the weight I must to eliminate pain completely.  I am otherwise well.  My back isn't too bad.

Copper beech foliage

I'm writing again.  Not much, not fluently, but I am writing.  I even wrote on the train today, for the first time in weeks.

We are paying off our debts

Played clarinet today, and I'm determined to do it every day from now on.  My technique has gone to hell, but my fingers remember where the notes are.  Lips not yet strong enough though.  Will have to build their strength up over time.

At work, I'm beating the All Ords index, which is VERY hard to do.  Especially in volatile markets.  Don't expect it to last though.  The Goddess of markets is readying herself to punish me.

Advancing in Spanish.  Perfectly understood Lesson 5 of the course today for the first time.  And I'm committed to doing some every day.  Progress!

I might not have any friends, but I have my lady and my children and they compensate!  I'm so glad I have them.

I have beauty, shelter, food, books, music, passable health, a decent job, people to love.  My life is full.    What more do I need?   There is so much to be glad about.

See?  That was easy.  :-)

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