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Saturday, October 5, 2013


My sore-knee travails made me determined to lose weight.  The surgeon said that losing 25 kgs was often as good as having a knee replacement op.

Well, I've lost 3.2 kgs (7 lbs) since I went to see him, and I now weigh the lowest since 2007!   Only another 22 kgs to go!

It was in 2007 my life went pear-shaped and I started to eat and drink because I was so very unhappy.  I learnt who were my real friends.  And who weren't.  And frequent bouts of depression meant that the struggle to lose weight has been ongoing and often unavailing.

But at last, I am heading back towards slimness.  Oh frabjous day!


Angelo Ventura said...

You are not alone, pal. I too have to lose weight. Keep up the good work! By the way, Ilike your blog very much!

Nikolaos said...

Thank you! I'm glad you like the blog. I try to keep it interesting.

Hunter said...

I've also discovered that weight gain coincides with bouts of depression/frustration, like when I was out of work for two years and gained 30 pounds.

We've discussed in other forums the best exercise, but let me point out once again that the only time in my life that my knees didn't hurt was when I was studying modern dance. Builds up the muscles, increases circuation, and it's relatively painless.

Nikolaos said...

Right now, it's very painful to put any weight at all on my knee. The walk from the station to my office used to take 5 minutes; now it takes 15. When I have lost my 20 kgs, I will, I think take up yoga.

Hunter said...

I started a yoga class early this past spring, hoping to loosen up my legs, which have started hurting when I walk more than a block or two (turns out that's from something else entirely). In my first class, I managed to bruise a rib while trying to become one with the floor. So be careful.