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Friday, February 21, 2014

Grow two inches

Image from Waking Up Now
I know a girl whose father used to beat her because she wan't tall enough.  He used to measure her height every six months, and if she hadn't grown enough she would get a hiding.  Maybe she was supposed to eat more protein.  Who knows.  I tried never to have any interactions with him.

And of course, most people would regard his batty behaviour as I do:  utterly bizarre, unfair, unproductive, stupid, cruel.

But it made me think.  A friend of mine once said that trying to make a gay person straight was the same as asking them to grow two inches taller.  And this is exactly what gay-haters want.  They want to make us grow two inches taller.  And when we can't, they beat us.

Many of us are bisexual, so we can pretend we're two inches taller.   We can lie to ourselves (the ChrisTaliban prefer us to lie and be miserable than to be gay).  We can even suppress with varying degrees of damage our "gay side".  But some people are 100% gay.  And every day they stand against the wall and someone measures them, and finds them wanting, and punishes them.

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