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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


One of the maple trees in our garden
Today I was humbled by a tremendous sense of gratitude.

Someone I know has serious throat and tongue cancer, and has just had an operation to remove these tumours.  She will have to learn to eat and drink all over again.  She has another op this week to remove other tumours, and then the chemo starts.  She's not even 50.

Another friend has a severely disabled daughter, who can only get about in her motorised chair, has to use a mechanical hoist to go to the toilet,  and will always need a carer.

Someone else I know is destitute, homeless and living on charity.

Despite everything, I still have reasonable health, enough money to buy second hand books, a job I enjoy and am good at, a wife and children who love me, and the good luck to live in a country which is safe, prosperous and has free medical care.

I have come to terms with my sexuality after a long journey and feel happy--very happy-- to be who and what I am.

And it's autumn.  My favourite season

Please ignore all previous complaints and grumbles!

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