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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Silver Bullet

I'm reading Melissa Scott's and Jo Graham's third volume of "The Order of The Air".  I'm thoroughly enjoying it.  A great read.

There's this:

Stasi nodded slowly.  "And without skin sensation or the rest this can't be anything
but torment to him."

"I wouldn't say that," Alma said.  "Orgasm without ejaculation is entirely possible."
Her face felt like it was flaming, but she went on.  "And surface sensation is only one
way to skin the cat, as it were."

Stasi blinked. "It is?"

"My first husband…."  Oh, there was no good way to put this!  "Sometimes if you
have an engine maintenance problem and can't get in one way, you can use the other

Now she looked entirely confused.  "What other hatch?  There's only one hatch."

Alma felt the flush reach her hairline.  "Well, yes.  One hatch on men.  But you can
go around from the back, as it were.  The nerves on the back of the prostate aren't
affected by damage in front."

Stasi wasn't blushing.  But she looked like she'd just swallowed a whole egg.

Forward.  There was only forward into the breach, having come this far.  "If you put
pressure in the right places…well, it's very sensitive.  And you don't actually need
any…er…fluid.  Or the manufacture thereof."

"You've actually done this?"  Stasi looked either intrigued or skeptical, depending on
how one wanted to read it.

Medical words.  Medical words.  "Caused a non-ejaculatory orgasm with prostate
massage?  Yes.  Lots of times."  The ghost of Gil would be laughing his head off at her.
He probably was.

"Huh."  Stasi sat down on the edge of the desk and took a draw off her cigarette.

"I don't know that it would work in this situation," Alma said.  "I really don't.  But
it's a possibility.  I told you, I haven't seen in years and Mitch and I don't exactly talk
about it."

[Bit of background:  Gil was Alma's bisexual husband who she shared with Jerry Ballard another of the charcaters in this trilogy]

And in my experience, you can also ejaculate from prostate massage. As the bottom in this GIF is doing.

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