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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

So much for tolerance

Jay Claydon of the Sydney Convicts [Pic The Age/SMH]

Ppl keep on saying that being gay is tolerated now, and things are improving, yadda yadda.  And so they are.   Somewhat.  But even in tolerant civilised New Zealand  ...

It started with whispers in the change rooms and ended with a call from his coach.

At 18, Jay Claydon had told close friends and family he was gay. They accepted him. But inside his rugby club, he didn't feel safe coming out. He was right to be fearful.

"At training one night, people were looking at me funny. Somehow they'd found out.

"On the Friday night, I got a call from my coach saying the players had taken a vote at a meeting behind my back and they weren't comfortable having me in the team any more. He said, 'they don't want you to come back.' "

[Read more here]

 How cruel.  How vile.  How horrible.  How it reminds me of my youth.  


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