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Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Our little dog Nimbo was Sharpie's littermate.  They were together all Sharpie's life.  

I took him down to be clipped on Wednesday.  Whether it was the sedative or whether it would have happened anyway, who knows, but on Wednesday night he had a fit.  When I got home on Thursday, he had another, and then at midnight one more and on Friday morning yet another.  The fits lasted 5 minutes, and he frothed at the mouth and soiled himself, and then he wandered around for an hour or more bumping into things and hiding in corners or behind the sofas and whimpering and groaning all the time.  After that, he'd fall into a deep sleep lasting a couple of hours and then it would start again.  Poor old bloke.  So we took him down to the vet that morning and he had the long green injection.  We could have--he could have--lived with the fits, despite him soiling himself, if he hadn't been so distressed.

I had him in my arms as he died.  16 and a half years with us.  

Needless to say we both wept.

How much we love our little dogs, and they love us.  He was a gentle, easy-going, forgiving little dog, never vicious or angry.  I miss him.

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