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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas weight gain

Every year end I gain 4 kilos.  Wining and dining clients; mince pies; Christmas cake; champagne .....

And it takes me a couple of months to lose the gained weight.  These days it's even harder, because I can't run, because years of running have destroyed the cartilage in my knees.   I'm on Patrick Holford's low-GL diet, which works, but slowly.  Last time I went on it, when it was called The 30-Day Fatburner Diet, I lost 20 kgs over 10 months and was never hungry or dissatisfied, which was about 500 gms per week.  This time, I've lost just 250 gms per week, which is rather slow.  It's not really a problem, because I eat as much as I want.  It's just a bit dispiriting to think that this time it will take me 4 months to lose the weight I've gained.

It's not just looks, it's health too.

Oh well.

Onwards and upwards.

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