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Monday, January 19, 2015

Thou blind man's mark

Thou blind man's mark, thou fool's self-chosen snare, 
Fond fancy's scum, and dregs of scattered thought 
Band of all evils, cradle of causeless care 
Thou web of will, whose end is never wrought 
Desire, desire !  I have too dearly bought, 
With price of mangled mind, thy worthless ware 
Too long, too long, asleep thou hast me brought, 
Who shouldst my mind to higher things prepare.
But yet in vain thou hast my ruin sought 
In vain thou madest me to vain things aspire 
In vain thou kindlest all thy smoky fire 
For virtue hath this better lesson taught,—
Within myself to seek my only hire, 
Desiring nought but how to kill desire.   

Sir Philip Sydney

1 comment:

Rex said...

Love poetry, especially when presented as part of life, like you just did THANKS!