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Sunday, September 4, 2016


I've been sick for a while.  I got a cold, and then as usual it turned into bronchitis and dragged on and on.  I think it's been four weeks since it began.  I felt very washed out and lethargic but my energy is gradually coming back.

I thought I'd share this photo of the daffodils coming through the lawn.  Spring is here!  The two blackbirds that live in the garden are nesting busily, the ash tree is thick with sticky buds, the daffodils are wonderful -- they look as if they are the source of the light, not as if they are merely reflecting it.  At the other house I had a much bigger daffodil patch--I planted over a thousand.  But this one will grow in time.  Next year in autumn (April/May) I'll plant some more so that the patch is twice as big next spring.  I lost a lot of temperate bulbs because summer was so very hot (global warming), but this year I shall make sure they're well watered over summer, and I shall cover the patch with a thick layer of straw, so the soil doesn't heat up too much.

Anyway, they cheered me up no end, when I was in a fit state to start enjoying life again.  So beautiful and full of hope!

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Gordon Harris said...

I'm glad that you're feeling better, Nikolaos.
I like the pictures that you've shared with us.
Thanks & Hugs,