Because Blogger's "Adult warning" often goes into a perpetual loop (isn't working properly), I will be making all new posts at my WordPress blog. You can follow it even if you do not have a WordPress Account. There're also my Twitter and my Tumblr blog, my Facebook and my Google+ page and my group.
(Update: Blogger hasn't fixed its problem with the "adult warning". Will go back to posting at my WordPress blog)

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Blogger's "adult warning" algorithm is still not working properly.  What happens is that after you have clicked on it 10 or so times, it goes into a perpetual loop, and you can't access this blog.  The only way to fix that is to clear the cache on your computer.  Most ppl won't know to do that, so I'm potentially losing a lot of visitors.  Therefore,  I'm going to continue to make most of my posts on my Wordpress blog

I thought Blogger had fixed the problem, but it hasn't.  You can follow my Wordpress blog via email; you don't need a Wordpress account.


Gordon Harris said...

Your blog seems to be working for me, Nick.
Hugs, Gordon

Nikolaos said...

What happens is that if you access the blog via the adult warning button more than X times in a certain period, it goes into a perpetual loop. The only way I found to break that loop was to clear the cache.