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Monday, February 2, 2009

Wilde Oats -- Our New Gay-Shaded Magazine

OK, I've spent a bit of time getting Wilde Oats Magazine up -- or at least, a tester for the curious. This is a replacement for Forbidden Fruit, whose founder was unhappy about the direction we (the new editors) were taking the magazine in, but is just too busy to do it herself. A sad day. Ah well.

And we've had the rellies over from Noz, spending lots of time having agonized discussion about what to do about our parents(or ***-in-law). And it's been unbearably hot and dry, the hottest and driest in 150 years.

So, needless to say, I haven't done much writing. What I have done, in the writing line, is reread and tinker with Footy. I suppose I shouldn't say this, but, you know, it's good. I liked reading it. I liked the characters and they way they interact, I liked the story, simple though it is. And I'm kinda inspired. So I'm working on that as well as The Torc.

For a long time I questioned my ability to write. Why am I turning out this crap? Who will ever read it? But it's not bad. I've wasted good money on much worse.


P.S. The pic is of Brett Stewart who is actually a rugby player not a footy player. Meh.

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