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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gareth Thomas

It's interesting how varied tastes are. Just as well, really, or we'd never find partners, would we?

I'm not unappreciative of beautiful young men, yet sometimes, it's the sheer raw sexiness of a real man which attracts me more.

Some ppl would say that Gareth Thomas is not a real man, because he has recently come out as gay. This is the classic confusion between 'gender dysphoria' and sexuality, one even gay-shaded blokes frequently continue to make -- always assuming that there is in fact such a beast as a 'real man'. It takes courage to come out, especially in macho contact sports like rugby, footy or soccer, and most players choose not to do it.

Coming out isn't just about yourself, and the sense of relief honesty brings, but also about others. For every celebrity sportsman who comes out, some poor bloke somewhere is going to feel better about being gay, about being an outsider and perhaps even about being a bit femme.

Courage is for me one of the defining characteristics of being a real man. And Gareth Thomas has it in spades. One flatulent inflated British journalist opined that Thomas had done rugby a disservice by being afraid to come out. Only a straight would say that. What utter tosh.

Anybody who's at all gay-shaded would know how fricking hard it is to reveal something so private about yourself, without knowing how your friends or the public will respond. People you love may turn against you, or cool, or become embarrassed ("Oh my God, he's gay! Will he want to kiss me? Will he caress my bum?"). That journalist -- he shall remain nameless -- is an idiot.

Anyway, I wanted to celebrate real men. And I've included photos of Gareth Thomas, a real man if ever there was one. Sexy and brave. And he has lovely eyes.

Oh, and Mr Thomas, if you ever read this, I hope you're not offended. I'm proud of you. Well done. You've done us all a favour. Thank you.

1 comment:

Hunter said...

I enjoy looking at a pretty young man as much as anyone, but with someone like Thomas, I really would like to do more than look.

Not pretty, no -- but very, very sexy.