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Friday, September 16, 2011

Colby Keller

In episode 202 of Majorca Flats, I showed a pic of Colby Keller and James Hawk fucking.  I hadn't heard of Colby Keller before, so I did a search.  Not conventionally beautiful, yet somehow very attractive.  There are some images of him on his blog, taken by himself or friends, and in them he looks lovely. Just a really nice, regular bloke.  I must admit, I've always had a sneaking suspicion that porn actors are, well, wankers.  I suppose there are some tools (as it were) but hey, this guy seems to be a top bloke (judging from his blog and his photos), funny, unpretentious and clever.  Someone you'd like to have a few beers with, watch a DVD with (Miss Marple, say), have dinner with.  I must have a low sex drive, 'cos though he is very attractive and sexy, I don't want to fuck him silly.  Mind you, I love his big feet.

I'm a bizarre bloke, neh?

[I posted  a, shall we say, more conventional pic of the hot Mr Keller  here]

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