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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Rabid Religious Right's Agenda

I found this on a blog written by a gay dad, married to a bloke. It's a polemic written by a religious nutter in 1884 about... well see if you can guess what! Read the blog post in full, because it shows how the conservative Christian right is always against progress and reform.

Here's an excerpt (see if you can guess what dreadful thing he opposes):

“AMONG the social questions now under discussion, none is more important or more freighted with principles and issues that outreach present consequences and take hold of the very life of society, than that of _________. The frequency and urgency with which this measure is pressed upon our legislative bodies by a certain class of reformers, encouraged by partial success in some of the newer states and territories, and the recent advocacy of it in full or limited form by some who have very largely the ear of the public, and the apparently increasing drift of public sentiment in this direction manifest in many quarters,—call for a sober and reflective revision not only of the reasons and supposed advantages of the so-called reform, but of the very serious issues and consequences involved in it. These issues are not immediate and do not lie on the surface."

Read the whole blog post. It's an eye-opener.

The same sort of people who now oppose gay marriage were also opposed to interracial marriage. And that was only struck down by the Supreme court in 1967. Once again, if you were to draw a map of the US, it would be the northeast, which never passed legislation against interracial marriage which is now the main area where gay marriage is legal. And just like the repeal of laws against interracial marriage, the acceptance of gay marriage is moving out from there, with Iowa the first state outside the northeast to allow same-sex marriage. We shall overcome, I have no doubt. But it is depressing that mankind never learns from the past. One day the church will be as embarrassed about its anti-gay rhetoric as it is by its support for slavery and its opposition to women's rights.

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