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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Melissa Scott

Melissa Scott writes "alternative sexuality" SF/fantasy. I did a long piece on her Silence trilogy (as well as on 3 other novels by other authors) for my column 'Quickies' in Wilde Oats. Quickies is supposed to be short reviews of gay-shaded novels and films, but sometimes I find they get a bit longer! Anyway, the whole 'Quickies' column is here.

I've included the cover pics for these three novels. Aren't they gloriously old-fashioned? I think I rather prefer them to the modern SF covers.

Aside from being great yarns (like all SF and fantasy should be) they're interesting because Silence has a multiple marriage, to the two men pictured on the cover of Five-Twelfths of Heaven. MS doesn't go into details about how they sleep together, but before the guys met her, it was just the two of them. Fascinating. How would it work out?

I have my own speculations, based on the relationships of some ppl I know, which I discuss in Footy, and which I take for granted in the Tapestry of Life series.

And this series was published over 30 years ago, by a mainstream SF publisher, Baen!

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