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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Black And Deep Desires, chapter 4

Chapter 4 of Black and Deep Desires has been posted.

Here's a snippet.

A real man would have stood up to his father. A real man would have stopped his fathers passage of destruction. A real man would have done something years ago, before it all began. You, of course, did nothing. You just stood back, closed your eyes and let it all happen. Infirm of purpose!

Excuse for a man!

With the black acid of jealousy corroding his guts, Jack Molloy opened the letter addressed to Simon Guilfoyle. Hed been lying on his back on the sitting room floor, drowsing and thinking about Simon, but without desire, when he heard it fall through the letter flap. He stumbled, naked, down the passage to the front door. The envelope had no stamp. He wrenched the door open, but the stairs were empty.

He turned it over and over in his square hands. The name was typed. Would he have recognised the writing? A letter from someone who bothered to hand deliver it. The pain was stronger than his scruples - he tore it open. While he read, the sweat of rage prickling his upper lip, his armpits, he was glad, unbelievably thankful, that he had seen it first. Simon would never have to read it. But he had a cooler head than Diana Gray; he didnt burn it or shred it; he folded it into a tiny square and pushed it under the flap beside the credit cards in his wallet. Simon was too decent to look in other peoples things. Or open other peoples mail, a voice shouted in his head.

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