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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


It's odd that leather should be sexy. I dunno why it is. For me, perhaps, it was because as a young teen, I was very goody-goody, trying so very hard to please my parents and be the obedient, dutiful, hard-working son. The bikies in their leather gear seemed the epitome of freedom and rebellion. They didn't have to do what mummy said. The bikes were sexy (something hot and throbbing between your legs), the bikies were bad-boy hot, and by a process of transference, bikie leather jackets came to represent sexy maleness to me. As an effeminate young teen, with no cowboys or firefighters in sight, while the "sportsmen" I knew routinely bullied me, bikies were safe objects of adoration.

Enjoy the pics.


Anonymous said...

I only ever knew one bikie gay guy. He was leather and chain from head to toe. You'd expect to be cussed out just for speaking to him, but he was a real kitty-kat. He looked like the guy in the 3rd picture, but if you spoke to him he was all smiles and gushing friendliness. So, while it's a bad-boy image, in the end it's just a fashion statement.

Nigel said...

Indeed. But it's a fashion statement with a message, even if the guy wearing it is a sweet-tempered pussycat.