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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

More Jerry

I did a post on this extraordinarily beaut guy back in September, but recently found these more . . . . revealing pics.  His, um, body is as beaut as his face.

If you're plain and undesirable (like I am) the beauty of others affects you more, I think, than if you are yourself beautiful.  I know there is "inner beauty", that beaut people can be total arseholes because they are so arrogant, and that in the end, all beauty fades, while the pleasure and beauty of the mind continue.  All the same, I look at someone like 'Jerry' and feel a wistful longing not for him but to be him.  Of course, as my lady robustly asserts, would I also be willing to give up my advantages, my good points?  Um...

Which reminds me of this glorious song about, well, personality:

BTW, I think I got the pics here, but I can't remember. Sorry.

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