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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 40

At the door Jason kissed Luigi again, with full tongue, and hugged him close in a bone-crushing embrace. He started to sport wood again. Luigi pushed him away, with a smile, a melancholy one. He put his hand on Jason's chest and gently pushed.
Go,” he whispered.
The Lord Grey!” urged Jason. “I'll be there from six tonight.”
Luigi shut his eyes and shook his head. Then he quietly pushed the door closed in Jason's face.
As Jason walked away, his mood darkened. He'd felt so good right after they'd fucked, his body flooded with oxytocin, his lust sated, warmth and affection filling him. Yet afterwards, Luigi's heartache had reminded him of his own loss. He would never see Brent again. Or his family. Or his friends. He missed his sister especially. She'd always been one of his favourite people, funny, clever, accepting. She took Jason's revelation that he was gay with instant understanding and acceptance. She loved him for what he was. He would never see his grandmother again, and he adored her and she him.

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