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Monday, March 7, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 81

He reached the café where he was meeting Keith with ten minutes to spare, and ordered himself a latte. Only as he was sipping it did he wonder why Keith had chosen this venue to meet, rather than the place where Esmé worked. He guessed it was because he didn't want Esmé to see the interaction between the two of them.
When Keith arrived it was obvious he'd taken some care with his appearance, and Jason's heart sank. He'd had a haircut, a good one, was wearing designer label jeans instead of the Target cheapies he usually wore, and the waistband of his Ginch Gonch undies was strategically displayed. He was also wearing an expensive aftershave.
G'day!” Keith said, with a broad grin. “How are ya?”
Good! Now I can say to you that you're looking very chirpy!”
Keith stuck his tongue out. “You're full of shit, aren't you?” He ordered a latte. “The coffee's good here,” he commented.
Yes. Seems to be everywhere I've gone.”
Only in the southern corner of Oz. You can't get decent coffee in Brizzie or Perth.”
Why so different?”
I dunno. It's a big country. In some ways, when I go to Sydney I feel that I'm in another country, not part of Australia. Everything is different. But at least you can find decent coffee there.”

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