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Friday, March 4, 2011


Yesterday I managed 960 words on Majorca Flats.  Now, for me, that's a world land-speed record!  At say, 160 words per episode, that's 6 episodes (as it happens in fact, fewer, because two consisted of 300 plus words as they were a letter and an email response)  So far, just under 20,000 words and 92 episodes written (79 published) !  All this has given me confidence to believe that I can start doing AngelFire again, and this morning I wrote just under 300 words and on the train on the way home from work, I'll be able to do another 400, which would give me together with what I've already written a (shortish) chapter.  So from now on, I'll be writing MF one day and AngelFire the next.

It's wonderful feeling the flow of creativity again, to not feel stymied by all my writer's blocks.  Writing makes me happ/y, -ier, and it helps marvellously with the blahs.

So ... holding thumbs (which of course prevents typing!!!!), I shall have a new chapter of AF up by Sunday.

When I've finished AngelFire, I'm going to go back to The Torc.  This will make 4 Tapestry of Life novels completed, and of course, there are also lots of short stories and a novella set in this world.

Onwards & Upwards

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