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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 100

The next night was the night that Graeme was supposed to come to The Lord Grey to meet Jason.
It was ten o'clock when Jason, who'd been watching the door all evening, saw Graeme standing at the door, looking a little shy and peering short-sightedly into the dimness of the bar. Jason went over, and when Graeme smiled at him he couldn't help grinning back.
Back at the bar counter, as he was pulling a pint of draft Victoria Bitter for a customer, Keith, who was next to him mixing a cocktail, said “Who's he?”
I met him at the beach.”
Yeah?” Keith's tone was aggressive and angry.
He's just someone I met, Keith. Not a trick.”
Keith wouldn't look at him.
Jeez, Keith! C'mon, then, come and meet him. Maybe he'll fancy you!”
He dragged a reluctant Keith over to where Graeme was sitting.
Hey, Graeme, this is my friend Keith. He works here too.”
G'day,” mumbled Keith, red with embarrassment, unable to meet either Graeme's or Jason's eyes. Jason grinned to himself.
Pleased to meet you,” said Graeme.
We finish tonight at about eleven, maybe eleven thirty,” said Jason. “Would you like to join us for a coffee afterwards?”
Every so often, he would pop by Graeme's table and chat for a moment or two. He was conscious that every time he did this, Keith's gaze would fix upon them.

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