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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 101

Jason felt quite proud of being able to introduce Graeme to Esmé when they all went next door for coffee. Graeme had a distinguished air. He'd dressed conservatively, rather than in the worn grunge that so many of the clients of The Lord Grey affected, in a tasteful sports jacket and expensive designer-label jeans, and Jason was startled to realise just how attractive he was. No one would have said he was handsome, not in a world where images of male models plaster every surface and fill every screen. Yet he had an indefinable air about him. He had class. He was sexy and desirable, even with grey streaks in his hair, lines on his forehead and the absence of a washboard stomach.
Keith was still bristling somewhat at Graeme, and Jason was amused at Keith's possessiveness. After all, he'd only known Jason a few days more than Graeme had! But Graeme remained polite and Jason saw the moment when he began to charm Keith, and watched as Keith responded. Yet Graeme didn't ignore Esmé either, and his low-key appeal and obvious niceness soon melted her reserve.
By the end of the evening, it was obvious that Graeme was well-liked by both of them, and Keith had even started to flirt with him.
As they were leaving, Graeme said quietly to Jason, “Shall we have lunch tomorrow? When do you start work?”
I'm on the evening shift. I start at six p.m. Yes, I'd be delighted.” Immediately after he'd made this reply, Jason cursed himself for sounding so upper-class, so damn English.

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