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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 107

Graeme came out of the house carrying a flat casserole dish of what looked like pasta, and a glass bowl of salad. He set them down on the table and said, “Back in a tick,” and went back inside. This time he returned with plates and cutlery.
The pasta smelled delicious, and Jason was suddenly conscious that he hadn't had any home cooking for weeks. Brent had been a good cook, and had delighted in preparing meals for Jason. He shook his head, Once again his thoughts had turned to the past, to memories, and that would not do. He had to learn to live again, no matter how impossible that seemed, and dwelling on the past, dwelling on what might have been, on what he had lost — that would just lead to self-pity and despair.
Where did you get the name?” he asked.

[Image by Eve Le Dez for Brian Holliday's short story, Home Cooking, first published in Wilde Oats, and now available as one of the anthology in I Do Two!]

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