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Monday, May 9, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 112

Thank you.” Jason had to speak past the lump in his throat. He felt like weeping at Graeme's kindness. “There hasn't really been anybody I could talk to. My sister was totally accepting … my brother didn't say too much … though even he was ambivalent. But my parents always thought Brent was … a working class git. I think that was worse for them than his being gay. They would probably have tolerated an upper-class twink from Eton.” Jason stopped and looked away at the little garden, perfect and neat and rich, where every spare inch had been used for something beautiful, Japanese in its intensity and purity, but still somehow reminding him of English gardens from villages in the Cotswolds. Simultaneously home and yet not-home, too.
Have you finished?” Graeme was looking pointedly at Jason's untouched meal.
Oh! Not in the least! It's delicious!” And Jason grabbed his fork and started eating. Graeme just grinned.
Determined to change the subject, Jason asked the first thing which came into his head: “Did you find it hard to write the straight sex in your novels?”
Nah. It's pretty much the same, you know ...”
Jason nodded.
“ … and anyway, I was married, for six years.”
Oh. I'm sorry. I … it was none of my business.”

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