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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 113

No worries, Jason. It's OK. It was a long time ago. Actually, it was she who pointed out to me that I was gay. We're still friends. Close friends. Perhaps, she's my best friend, really. Married again, to a really nice bloke, who's straight. He's made her happy, and I would have made her miserable. I did. Make her miserable, I mean.”
Thing is, me, I didn't really know much about gay 'til Brent. And even then. We didn't go clubbing or anything. We were just two guys — two people — who were in love. My folks had lots of labels to apply and things to say, but I never felt gay. D'you know what I mean?”
It's a label. But … you're you, not some exemplar of the classic gay man. You're an individual. Of course, as you say, others may not see you that way. To the bigots, you aren't a person. You're a cipher. But you can't let yourself feel that, in yourself. You have to be you.”
Graeme had become quite passionate, for him.
Some people criticised us. They were disappointed that we didn't do what they wanted.”
Graeme nodded.  “There's always someone, you know that.”
Some more wine?”
Thank you. Yes. It's a lovely wine.”
So it is. The grapes are grown just outside Melbourne, on the Mornington Peninsula, down near the sea, where the climate is mild and cool.”

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