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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 114

O'Reilly's Waterfall, Lamington National Park, Queensland

It was three before they'd finished talking and eating and drinking. As he left, Jason gave Graeme a hug. “I'm getting a mobile, Gray. I'll be in touch. Thank you for a wonderful lunch. Thank you for everything.”
He didn't want to let Graeme go, but he felt him start to tense up, and he turned abruptly and strode off, his gait a little uneven with all the wine.
Half way down the street he turned and Graeme was still standing at the gate, looking after him. Jason waved, and Graeme waved back.
He hadn't forgotten Brent, and he honestly didn't think he ever could or would, but within his grief and loss he felt a kind of peace settle over him, a gossamer cloth of thin and fragile acceptance.

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