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Friday, May 27, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 121

I think I fell in love with him right then. Love at first sight. Ridiculous, hey? I was so happy. So fucking happy. I suppose the gods were watching. But no, useless to blame anyone else. It was my own fucking fault.”
Why?” asked Luigi, his warm shiny black-olive eyes filled with compassion.
Yeah. Just what I was going to ask, too.” Keith was as concerned as Luigi, his eyes troubled. Jason felt a rush of affection for both of them.
I'm coming to that. This is so hard.” He shook his head and looked away. There was a silence, neither strained nor impatient, while the other two waited for him to continue.
Well, it wasn't long before we were a couple. The guys in his team didn't seem to care about us. They liked him. He was very likable, not just sexy, not just an incredibly hot guy. He was charming and funny and could get on with everyone. They just treated me like I was his girlfriend and friend all wrapped up into one, and they never hassled me or him about us. In fact they used to tease us a little, you know, saying when he got a bit ratty about something, or his game was off, that he needed a bit of nookie. And once, when we were in the pub and Brent got all amorous and pashed me, they all cheered and laughed. Holy fuck, I miss them too. They were the realest and best friends a man could have.”

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