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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 129

Keith's flat was large—the whole top floor of a weathered Victorian house just a couple of hundred yards from The Lord Grey. Jason wondered why he'd never come here before, and then realised that Keith was trying as hard as he to make their relationship work, and he hadn't wanted to push it when Jason had turned down sex with him. The flat was furnished with just a king-sized bed, a coffee table and in a very 70s touch, bean bags. Except for books. Everywhere Jason looked there were piles of books or bookcases made from planks, held up by bricks, stuffed with books. Ouch! he thought to himself, judging people by appearances again! Keith was obviously a lot deeper than his barman persona at work — and his past as a rent-boy — made him seem.
Some more brandy?” asked Keith. “Maybe some tea, too?”
Luigi and Jason both nodded, and while Keith was busy in the kitchen slumped into two of the bean bags. Keith returned with steaming mugs, brandy snifters and a bottle of brandy.
It's green tea. Watch out — it's hot. Don't burn yourselves!”

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