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Friday, June 10, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 130

It was hot. Jason blew on his to cool it and took another sip of the brandy. It wasn't very good brandy but he didn't care. He simply felt grateful that he was here among friends, that they cared about him. It reminded him of the easy feeling he'd had with Brent's team-mates, and their simple and unquestioning acceptance. It was better, in one respect. They were gay — well, Luigi was and Keith was bi — and so they knew what it was like to be like he was. Brent's team-mates had liked him, hadn't judged him, but they were still straight guys whose world was shaped and created by their perceptions, by the fact that they belonged to that great mass of straight men, with all the assumptions and axioms and cultural values that entailed. But that also made it worse in a way, too, because there was also the possibility of sex. Remembering his fuck with Luigi, he looked over at the other man in the beanbag on the other side of the coffee table and realised from the look in Luigi's eye that he was thinking of the same thing. Absurdly, he felt a prickle of lust wash through his body and harden his cock. Embarrassed, he coloured and then watched the mocking sparkle in Luigi's eyes grow.
Straightboy, how are you? OK?”
Yeah, gayboy. All the better for seeing you! Seriously, both of you. Thank you.”

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