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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 131

This beaut image comes from Steve Walker.

Keith was watching this interchange with his eyes slitted.
What?” asked Jason, tetchy.
Is this the guy?”
Jason knew just what he meant. “Yeah. Luigi, meet Keith. Keith, Luigi.”
I can see why he turned you on.” Keith's smile was mordant.
Luigi looked uncomfortable.
Keith. Not now! Yeah. Luigi's hot. And so are you.”
Look who's talkin'!” said Keith at exactly the same moment as Luigi said “You're pretty hot yourself, Jason.”
OK, now we've got that out of the way ...” Jason, “maybe I can tell you what happened after that.”
Luigi nodded, and Keith said “Roight!”
Actually, there isn't much to tell. I called the police. At first they wanted to blame me. Their ears twitched when they learnt Brent and I were lovers, and next thing I was a suspect. But it was obvious that Brent had shot himself, from the way the gun was held and everything. And then there was the note to me and the whole history of what had happened came out and anyway, I'd been with my grandmother the night before and she alibied me. There was a homophobic detective and went on and on at me but it was obvious to everybody that they had no case and in the end I got sick of it and said I was going to complain about their behaviour towards me to my father and that I wasn't saying another thing till my lawyer had arrived. They didn't even arrest me.”

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