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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 132

What I wanted to do after that is just hide. But they told me I'd be needed for the inquest so I stayed. My parents didn't bother to come to the inquest to support me. I suppose they can't really be blamed. I didn't tell them and refused to answer my phone. But it was in the papers. His name and everything.”
Did any of your family come?” asked Luigi.
My sister. Amanda. I went and stayed with her. I couldn't bear to be alone. She was the only one, except for my gran, who didn't mind about me and Brent. In fact both gran and Amanda loved him. Amanda's my younger sister, and Mark's the youngest. Mark didn't like me and Brent being a couple. He was really uncomfortable about me being gay. He was stiff and formal with Brent. At least he didn't make snide jokes and comments about him, though, not to his face, and not to me.”
Jason took a sip of the tea which had cooled a little, and a swallow of the brandy.
The inquest was … horrendous. Unspeakable. Appalling. So cold and clinical. And all I could think of was Brent, Brent lying there with his brains and blood on the carpet and the walls. And that it was my fault.”

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