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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 136

Ya could live very well here if you had a lot of money.” Keith, who Jason supposed probably knew all about poverty and valued money all the more because of it, wasn't looking at Jason as he said this.
I decided never to use the money. If I had been an ordinary chap, Brent would still be alive. It was the money that killed Brent. The money and me.”
Earning ya living is hard, Jace.”
Jason shook his head. “I know. And, yeah, I deserve it. No. No inherited money.”
Keith let the subject slide. “More brandy?” he asked, looking at both men.
Thank you, no,” said Jason at almost the same time as Luigi shook his head.
Keith swallowed the rest of his own brandy and said, “Well, c'mon then, the bedroom's through here.”
The toilet was at one end of the short passage, and the bedroom at the other.
Sorry about the mess.” Keith scurried round the room clearing away dirty clothing and empty glasses and mugs and pulling the bedspread straight.

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