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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 138

During the night, Jason had his recurring nightmare again. This was worse than usual. As Brent lay in the pool of congealing blood, he was looking at Jason, his eyes filled with blame and anger.
He woke up with Luigi shaking him.
Jason, wake up!” When Jason opened his eyes, Luigi said, “You were shouting in your sleep. You were having a nightmare.”
Jason simply stared at him, unable to think. Luigi looked at him and then lay down and pulled him close. His face was so close to Jason's that Jason could feel his breath warm on his own skin. Luigi kissed him again. “Go to sleep, now, Jace. You're safe.”
Jason caressed Luigi's back. It was warm, and he could feel the bones beneath the skin, the slim defenceless body of the other man. “You too, Lou. With me I mean. Thank you, my dear.” And he turned over and Luigi slipped his arms round him and spooned close to him, his groin against Jason's bum, his legs entangled with Jason's. Keith had slept through it all, but gave a gusty sigh as the other two lay down, and moved his body closer to Jason's.

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