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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 139


Jason slid one arm under Keith's body and the other over it, and pulled closer to him. He felt the slight pudginess of Keith's stomach, and for a moment, before he went to sleep, he wondered that he found the other man so attractive. He'd watched some gay porn and hadn't much liked it, though the furtiveness and sense that this was taboo and somehow slightly dirty, as well as the total focus on sex had turned him on. Yet it had also seemed so hollow, so cold. All the models he'd seen had perfect bodies, washboard stomachs, shoulders like cannon-balls, biceps and thighs the size of paw-paws. Yet Keith was much sexier to him, despite not being much like the porn archetypes. Perhaps liking him made all the difference. Perhaps it was just because Keith had been wounded by life, and yet remained essentially nice.
Keith hadn't woken, and safe in the knowledge that what he did wouldn't be known by the other man, Jason kissed his vulnerable neck, and then, bold, kissed it again. Keith stirred and muttered something inaudible, and then stretched like a cat before snuggling even closer to Jason's body.

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