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Monday, June 27, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 140

The summer early morning light had turned the room gold and pink when Jason woke. Luigi was warm against his back, though Keith had moved away a little and was sprawled out over the right side of the king-sized bed. He needed to wee, but he didn't want to disturb the other two, so he lay safe cuddled between them for a while until the need grew too pressing. The sheet and bedspread covering them had slipped off to Luigi's side of the bed, and moving its edge carefully off himself, he slid down the end of the bed as quietly as he could and padded through to the toilet.
When he got back to the bedroom, Keith was watching him. Jason felt embarrassed. Keith's expression combined lust, affection, concern and friendship and his chocolate eyes were sleepy and unguarded. Jason ducked his head, and without speaking, for Luigi was still asleep, slipped in between the other two, and put his arms round Keith, who reached out with his own arm and placed his hand on Jason's thigh. All at once Jason felt like making love to the other man — to both of the men — and was embarrassed when his cock, pressed up against Keith's butt, stiffened in his trunks, making a mockery of that part of his brain which told him how unwise this all was.

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