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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 141

Keith turned his head and looked at him quizzically. Jason met his gaze squarely and then raised his eyebrows. Keith smiled a little, and turned away but kept his hand behind him on Jason's flank. Jason's hard-on got even harder. He kissed Keith's neck, this time well aware of what he was doing, and that Keith would see it as a signal. Keith reacted by patting Jason's thigh and giving a gusty sigh. Jason felt a quick wash of intense happiness, and then guilt. How could he forget Brent so quickly?
He slowly drifted back into sleep, and he was woken a couple of hours later by Luigi turning over and banging him with his elbow.
Ungh,” he grunted.
Sorry!” Luigi pulled his arm away from Jason's ribs. “It's a bit crowded here.”
Yeah.” Jason turned over to face Luigi. He felt Keith stir at his back. It was his turn to put his hand behind him onto Keith's body. He looked at Luigi, and felt again the sexiness and attractiveness of the other man.

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