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Friday, July 1, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 142

Good morning.” He yawned. “Sorry. You know, Keithie and Lou, you two are the best, you know that? I never thought when I came to Australia that I would so quickly make friends. I mean … I know I've known you just a couple of weeks, Keith, and you, Lou, just the once, but I feel, well … I feel that you are my friends.” Abashed at this show of emotion, he pretended to cough. He started to stroke Luigi's back, and at the same time, squeezed Keith's thigh. He could feel Keith's erection straining the thin cotton of his boxers, pressed against his butt. He kissed Luigi and then turned his head sideways towards Keith. “Hello, handsome.”
Hello yaself, sexy.”
Jason turned back to Luigi and kissed him again, and then reached down to the other man's groin. He knew this was rash, and he might regret it later, yet it felt absolutely right all the same. Luigi and Keith together! It would express what he felt, affection, and fondness and, yes — be honest! — lust. He slid his hand past the waistband of Luigi's superman trunks and put his hand round Luigi's cock, which was already very firm. Luigi looked at him, his eyes wide, and then he smiled so sweetly Jason wanted to kiss him. He did, slowly and carefully, tasting Luigi's morning breath, the faint sourness of yesterday's brandy. He stopped for a moment then kissed him again, harder this time, before turning over to face Keith. 

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