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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 143

Keith's eyes were watchful. Jason touched his face. “I know you want to,” he said. “And I want to, too. It'll be all right, I promise.”
Keith lifted himself onto his elbows. “Whaddya thenk, Lou? Shall we give this fucker what he needs?”
Yeah, mate,” replied Luigi, raising his own head off his pillow to look at Keith. He reached up past Jason and stroked Keith's face. Then he kissed Jason again, and as he did, stroked Keith's nipples. Keith kissed the back of Jason's head, and he moved his hand slowly over Jason's stomach and down into his groin. He began to stroke Jason's cock. He bit Jason's neck gently at the same time that Luigi bent down and started to softly bite Jason's nipples.
Uh, chaps, I'm very close,” grunted Jason. Keith growled something wordless and as Jason's cock erupted, nuzzled his neck. Luigi bit down hard on Jason's nipples at exactly the moment Jason came, and Jason cried out in rapture.
For a moment he lay relaxed and then he turned his azure eyes from Keith's face to Luigi's and back again. “That was nice,” he said. “Now it's your turn!”
He bent over Luigi and started to gently bite the bar and studs in Luigi's nipples. Keith moved past him and lowered his mouth onto Luigi's cock.

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