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Monday, July 4, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 144

After Luigi had come, Jason turned back to kiss Keith whose mouth was still savoury with Luigi's jism. “Come and lie in the middle”, he said. “So we can both have a chance at your cock.” Now that he looked at it, he realised that Keith was b-i-i-i-g. The biggest he had ever seen, fat, beer-can fat, and long, too. Though in truth, he'd hadn't that much experience: Stewart at school; Chris briefly, though that was more just curiosity since Chris was a friend and they had both wondered whether it would work; and then Brent. Oh, and there was a guy at a party once. He was beginning to feel quite humble about his own junk next to these two.
Ungh. Better not.” Keith shook his head.
Why?” Jason leaned over Keith to get a better look at his expression.
I'm positive.”
Can't we change your mind?” joked Jason.
No, I mean … I mean … I'm HIV positive.”
Oh, man,” said Jason, trying hard to be empathetic. “You poor fucker.” But at the back of his mind, he felt terror and rage rise from swamps primeval, monsters and bogeys, ugly things dripping with slime.
Luigi climbed out of bed and got in on the other side of Keith, and put his arms round him.
It's not a death sentence any more,” said Keith, avoiding their eyes. “At least, not here in Oz, not like in poor countries. The government pays for treatment. I take my pills regularly. I just … I just didn't want to … you know … without telling you guys. I shouldn't have … Shit! I mean … Fuck! Listen guys, I'm sorry.”

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