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Sunday, July 17, 2011


I'm working on the latest edition of Wilde Oats.  There's masses to do:  an interview with Rick R Reed, the gay horror author; editing my own submission The Wolf (the other WO editors liked it but said it needed a lot of rewriting, and they were right!); and converting stories, bios etc into HTML for upload to the Wilde Oats website.

I've had particular problems with the last task.  For a long time I used Kompozer but it's full of bugs, ranging from weird problems when you copy and paste to the fact that it "gets tired" after you've worked on a few pages and you are forced to close it down and start it up again.  So I switched to the WYSIWYG component of SeaMonkey, which is a successor to Kompozer from the same Mozilla community, which is relatively bug free and robust except for one horrid flaw: when you copy and paste text with embedded HTML links, it often pastes just the text, not the links.  Since the links have to be letter perfect, this is very, very boring and tiresome.  So now I have to use both Kompozer and SeaMonkey, savings files in one system and opening them in the other.  Backwards and forwards.  Boring boring.

Plus, at the work which pays me (writing earns me half of nothing),  one of the busiest times in the year is just about to start.  My job (and my pay!) is supposedly part-time, but at this time of the year it never seems like it!  Though the pay remains part-time :-).

Anyway, while I'm occupied with that (WO issue 8 is due out on  1st August), I'll only be posting Majorca Flats every second day (sorry!) and not much else (though I have several long pieces in my head.....)

Meanwhile, I thought you might like this image.

The image somehow reminds me of 'Jerry' (1,2), though these blokes don't look much like each other.

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