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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 146

Jason took Keith's cock into his hand. It was flaccid, so he began to slowly caress and squeeze it. He kissed Keith's back, and his neck. He felt Keith start to plump up in his hand.
That's better!” he said, not knowing quite how to handle this situation but trustingly following Luigi's lead. He bit Keith's neck softly, then wondered whether you could catch HIV like that.
On the other side, Luigi was kissing Keith, and now Keith's cock was rigid in Jason's hand. He pumped it fast, and felt it swell as Keith came. The warm spurt of jizz over his hand would normally have felt so good, a celebration of life and love, but now it carried an aura of death. He surreptitiously pulled his hand away from Keith's stomach and wiped it on the sheets.
And suddenly he felt unbearable grief, for Brent and himself, for Keith, for Luigi bullied at school, even to his surprise for his horrid parents, so hidebound and snobby and unhappy.

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