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Friday, July 8, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 147

They lay in bed silent, their arms round each other, their legs tangled and their bodies relaxed, their thoughts far away.
Sorry, mates. I should of told you before.” Keith was staring at the ceiling.
Why?” asked Luigi. “You told us in time.”
Some people get bent out of shape. You know how it is.”
It's not your fault!” It struck Jason how strong Luigi was, not physically, but how his character was like steel. He had courage and compassion and generosity while he, Jason, had none of these things. He felt how little he knew about the world, and how he had so often chosen the easier path. He was deeply ashamed of his cowardice.
Lou,” he said at last to break the silence which was threatening to become awkward, “did I introduce you properly to Keith? I don't want to break any important social laws. Mummy always told me I should get introduced before I fuck.”
Pleased to meet ya, Keith,” said Luigi drily. He poked Jason in the stomach. “You slacker! Why didn't you introduce us? Just as well we aren't shy, right, Keith?”
Yeah,” said Keith. He reached across Jason's torso and said in a fake American accent, “Shake, pardner!”
You're welcome,” Luigi replied, with as bad a fake accent.

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