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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 148

Julian Hans and friends
I've gotta get up. I've got to tidy up the pub before opening time,” sighed Keith. His voice was still a little shaky. “Ya blokes want some tea?”
I'll help,” said Jason, feeling for his trunks which had got lost somewhere in the bedclothes.
Don't you have coffee?” grumbled Luigi. “I'm a nice Italian boy! Tea is for aristocrats and homos!”
Keith laughed. “Nah. Pointless. I can't make coffee as nice as the café round the corner. But that would mean ya've gotta get up and get dressed.”
Luigi rolled out of bed and pulled on his superman undies. He grinned at Keith. “Tea'll do, sexylegs.”
The kitchen was large and had a lovely view over a courtyard and beyond that a alley with the back gardens of Victorian terrace houses.
Keith put on the kettle and washed out three mugs from the clutter in the sink.
There's bread there and butter here”—he gestured towards the fridge—“and paynut butter and cheese and stuff, and somewhere there's muesli.”

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