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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 152

So anyway I said yes. I knew nothing about any of that stuff. I mean, I knew I was gay. I'd known since I was eleven or so. But I'd never been paid before. So I fucked him and he came and he was so effing happy afterwards. He gave me $300 ...”
...Fuck! I never got that!” interrupted Keith. “The best I ever got was $100! Once!”
... and asked me to be a regular. Once a week. So I did. He would take me out to the ballet, to opera, to arthouse films, to expensive restos, and he always paid. He bought me clothes, expensive clothes to go out in, a tuxedo which cost $2000. I still have it. He was a really nice bloke. Kind, gentle, a top bloke. He took me to Europe, and we travelled together. He didn't make it obvious that we were a couple, but we were by then. I never fell in love with him. But I did love him.  They're not the same, you know.”
Keith nodded. Jason listened with complete fascination. Other peoples' lives were so interesting. He realised how narrow his own circle of acquaintances, family and friends had been. Until Brent.

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